Exhibitions and events

Meet us at the following events and learn more about the Rheinmetall Group as a potential employer. We will advise you individually on entry opportunities and show you current vacancies. Experts will share with you their first-hand experiences of working at Rheinmetall.

We are looking forward to speaking with you!

Events 2018

Date Event City Exhibitor
12 Jan 2018 bonding Firmenkontaktmesse Karlsruhe Rheinmetall Group
19-21 Jan 2018 KarriereStart Dresden Rheinmetall Group
09 Feb 2018 IT-Karrieretag Darmstadt Rheinmetall Group
09 Feb 2018 CAR-connects Bochum Bochum Rheinmetall Automotive
25-26 Apr 2018 connecticum Berlin Berlin Rheinmetall Group
29 May 2018 bonding Braunschweig Braunschweig Rheinmetall Group
30 May 2018 Karrieretag "Öffentlicher Dienst & Netzwerkpartner Bundeswehr" Hamburg Rheinmetall Defence
11-15 Jun 2018 Eurosatory Paris Rheinmetall Defence
11-15 Sep 2018 Automechanika Frankfurt Rheinmetall Automotive
20-27 Sep 2018 IAA NkW Hannover Rheinmetall Automotive
08 Nov 2018 TUConnects Chemnitz Rheinmetall Group
13-17 Nov 2018 Soldata - Online Soldatenmesse online Rheinmetall Defence
14 Nov 2018 heise IT-Jobtag Munich Rheinmetall Group
19 Nov 2018 bonding Kaiserslautern Kaiserslautern Rheinmetall Group
27 Nov 2018 bonding Hamburg Hamburg Rheinmetall Group
28 Nov 2018 bonding CareerNight München Munich Rheinmetall Group
28 Nov 2018 CAR-connects Stuttgart Rheinmetall Automotive
28 Nov 2018 Karriereperspektiven für IngenieurInnen Duisburg Rheinmetall Group
04 Dec 2018 bonding Aachen Aachen Rheinmetall Group

Events 2019

Date Event City Exhibitor
18 Jan 2019 bonding CareerNight Bremen Bremen Rheinmetall Group
18-21 Jan 2019 KarriereStart Dresden Dresden Rheinmetall Group
24 Jan 2019 bonding Karlsruhe Karlsruhe Rheinmetall Group
07 Feb 2019 CAR-connects Bochum Bochum Rheinmetall Automotive