Attractive employer

In an environment characterized by dynamic development, growing requirements and increasingly complex technologies, products and processes, experienced managers, qualified specialist workers and focused junior staff play an important part in helping the Group to achieve its corporate targets with their knowledge, skills, experience and motivation. Companies in the Rheinmetall Group are faced with increasingly tough competition from other companies to gain qualified personnel. Acquiring skilled professionals for these companies is therefore a key task in HR work. The Rheinmetall Group offers fair, performance-based remuneration that is in line with the market, extensive fringe benefits and pension schemes, diverse opportunities for continuing professional development and interesting opportunities for promotion.

In addition to its own training for junior employees, Rheinmetall uses traditional and modern employee selection methods and is also in close contact with universities, colleges and research institutes in order to get to know suitable science, technology and business graduates at an early stage.

The attractive employer profile and target-group-specific appearances at university fairs, graduate conferences, recruitment events, on social media portals and online job sites continue to bear fruit. The “trendence study” once again calculated the attractiveness of German companies as employers in 2018. Rheinmetall was again rated as one of the 100 most attractive employers in the “Engineering Students Edition”, coming in 45th place (previous year: 51st). In the Universum rankings (Germany Top 100 Ideal Employers) in the field of engineering students, we improved our standing once again, reaching 31st place in the year under review after being ranked 38th the year before.