Benefits and remuneration

Rheinmetall’s economic success is the result of the work done by all employees. The direct linking of individual remuneration and other benefits to the company’s success is therefore a cornerstone of our corporate culture.


Rheinmetall supports its domestic employees with an interesting and innovative company pension model. “Rheinmetall Plus” consists of three columns that build on each other:

1. Employer-financed basic support
2. Employer-financed supplementary support that is linked to the company’s performance
3. Employee-financed additional support from deferred compensation

Direct insurance schemes are also offered as a further option for company pensions.

Employee share purchase program

Thinking and acting like an owner are not only the principles of Rheinmetall’s management philosophy; the company actively promotes this in practice by allowing employees to acquire shares in Rheinmetall.

The share purchase program “Mein Stück Rheinmetall” [“My piece of Rheinmetall”] gives employees in many countries the option to acquire Rheinmetall shares at attractive conditions. These shares are entitled to voting rights and dividends and thus contribute to sustainable wealth building and help to increase employees’ identification with the company.

Leadership with goals

It is crucial to our success that the activities of all employees are geared towards the company’s goals. To ensure that this is the case, all employees must be informed of the company’s strategy and the challenges it is facing. Individual targets can then be derived from this, which employees will work towards in teams or individually over the course of the year. The extent to which targets are achieved and the company’s economic performance will then determine the level of variable remuneration, which accounts for a significant portion of pay for employees not covered by collective wage agreements.

Employees who are covered by collective wage agreements also get to share in the company’s success through their pay. Rheinmetall’s profit sharing scheme pays out an additional bonus to employees every year, depending on the company’s performance.

Flexibilization of working hours

The working hours models in place at companies and plants of Rheinmetall AG are constantly being adapted to make them more family-friendly and allow more scope for individual freedom. As well as flexitime models, there are trust-based working hours models in which employees are largely free to organize their working hours themselves within their teams. Provided that operating procedures allow it, employees can carry out some of their work from home. There is also the option to work part time or to take time off in the form of sabbaticals in order to complete further studies or realize personal plans.

Where work is organized in a shift system, efforts are continuing to reduce the resulting strains on health and open up more options for employees.

Health management

Changes in the workplace are placing new demands on employees and leading to new risk factors for health. Our Corporate Health Management scheme aims to minimize these risks and to promote the well-being of our employees.

Rheinmetall’s health management systems are based on the pillars of promoting health, occupational health and safety, addiction prevention and corporate integration management. We are putting a substantial effort into improving ergonomics at workstations in offices and production, for example. Rheinmetall also promotes the health of its employees through a variety of activities, ranging from medical check-ups to sports facilities.

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